About Us


HarborArts works with the East Boston community and the Boston Harbor Shipyard to create a stage for dialogue through public art. We are a 14-acre rotating art collection in an open-air industrial setting, representing local and international artists, located on the Boston HarborWalk and open year-round to the public free of charge.

Works are on view at HarborArts on a rotating basis, usually for a minimum of one year. Many works are temporary in nature due to the outdoor location and natural weathering that occurs here. The gritty textures of the working Shipyard and its buildings, and our stunning views of the harbor and Boston skyline, are part of the visitor’s experience of this unique place.

We are excited about enlivening the Boston waterfront with a vital destination for arts. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to host all this great talent here.” –Stephen Israel, HarborArts Founder


HarborArts was born in 2009 with a monumental sculpture by marina resident Steve Israel. He founded a grassroots volunteer arts organization with the help of Dan Noonan, Christina Lanzl, and Randi Hopkins, and transformed the 14-acre Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina into an outdoor gallery that to this day represents local and international artists.

With the support of the community and the Shipyard, HarborArts has brought thousands of visitors to East Boston to explore the intersection of industry, community, and artistic expression at pop-up exhibitions, community events, and to experience our revolving outdoor collection. In 2014, director Matthew Pollock and the HarborArts crew implemented the 4th annual HarborArts Festival that saw over 5,000 visitors to the pier in celebration of public art.

Present and Future

In 2018 we are proud to continue this permanent outdoor gallery in the Shipyard, welcoming our new neighbors, the Institute of Contemporary Art, to our beloved home of East Boston. We look forward to sharing the growth of East Boston as an arts destination with new audiences, and to new opportunities for dialogue through art and placemaking.

About the Shipyard

The HarborArts Gallery is hosted by Boston Harbor Shipyard. A historic working shipyard, it represents the essence of Boston’s maritime tradition. During the 19th century, some of the world’s fastest clipper ships were built here. Today, the marine industry is still very much alive at Boston Harbor Shipyard, from modern-day boatbuilding to marine support services and an active marina.



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