By Dana Woulfe

Aesthetically, I wanted to return to what I was doing on Rain of Fire for this piece but experiment with the composition and have it be more of a “cloud”… not filling the entire wall. I also was interested in playing off the piece that was on the rooftop adjacent to where I was painting, a massive sculpture of a mermaid/squid creature, and have my piece feel like the wake from its passing.

Dana Woulfe is a visual artist living and working in Boston, MA.  He is known for his vivid, abstract paintings and large scale mural work. A New England native, he grew up in Rhode Island and learned to appreciate the arts at a young age through the influence of his grandmother, an illustrator and painter. After moving to Boston in the mid-90’s to attend Massachusetts College of Art, he became involved in the local graffiti scene and developed an affiliation with the members of Project SF.  As co-director of the Project SF artist collective he directed and exhibited at events worldwide, and worked with clients including Nike, Converse, Vitamin Water and Bodega. His solo and collaborative work has appeared in publications such as Juxtapoz, Booooooom, Inked, Acclaim and Sole Collector. Woulfe currently works out of his South Boston shop, Studio Fresh, where he continues to develop his visual language and build towards whats next.