French Flare Kite

By Margaret Evangeline

“Kite” reflects what is here now – becoming an event rather than a static object, recombining the ephemeral experience of what is reflected in the mirror with the permanent artwork itself. Shooting through the mirrored steel adds a human mark as an irrevocable signature. Each hole is surrounded by a halo and bears a resemblance to the marks made by rain striking and expanse of still water. “Kite” is placed in the Boston Harbor where it reflects the water and the shipyard industry that depends upon water. The adjoining voids of the reflection represent a constellation of emergent wakefulness as part of a celebration of Massachusetts’ commitment to the Ocean Protection Plan.

New York-based, Louisiana-born painter Margaret Evangeline has long experimented with aesthetically resistant material, making work that deepens the immediacy of a moment. Evangeline is perhaps best known for her use of gunshot and mirror polished stainless steel to open up the all-over 2D picture plane with its taproot in New American-Type Painting.

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