Nostalgia for the Current Tragic Beautiful Human Tragedy

By Maayke Schurer

Maayke Schurer is a Dutch/Canadian artist whose work derives from a long held passion for raising environmental respect and awareness – particularly with regards to those spaces that belong to the commons. Based on a belief that we place greater value on that which has been filtered through another human mind than on truth alone. Materials function as metaphors without the use of any digital effects or manipulation. At the same time beautiful and creepy, her works are magic realism documentaries of her impression of the current environmental condition.

“I Spend My Time Experimenting To Create Real-Time Magic Realism. Nothing Is Digitally Created Or Altered. All Works Are Hand-Made In Miniature With Various Techniques Ranging From Filming Under Water To The Use Of Reflection. The Primary Motivation Behind This Approach Is Two-Fold. First: A Deep Concern For The Environment And A Belief That Our Impact Will Not Truly Change Without Genuine Heartfelt Appreciation, As Opposed To Feelings Of Guilt And Blame. Second: A Theory That Viewers Afford Greater Value To That Which Has Been Preprocessed By Another Human Being Than Truth Alone. Hence, While The Works Are Firmly Rooted In The Here And Now, Scenes Are Constructed From Memory And The Imagination. In This Way, These Works Are Highly Dramatized Nature Documentaries, Featuring The Fluttering Husks Of Human Remnants.”

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